Artist Statement


An Excerpt from the Show: “Under the Influence – DRAW and Their Mentors”

July 5- August 10, 2012

“The World Within”

In the words of Buddha, “ When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  I have been blessed with so many life teachers. I am beyond proud to have this opportunity to exhibit my work alongside those who have had true influence over me, intensely impacting my life and my art.

I am intrigued that while trying to decide what I wanted to say in my Artist Statement, it became abundantly clear to me that I had not really exercised any real control over the pieces in this show.

Everything that I am sharing here is because it decided to be.  And when I say “be”, I mean, exist.   These images were not conceived with the intent of “being” in this show.   They singularly called to me at different times in the past few months; clinging to my subconscious, some developing slowly over several years.  Some said “draw me”. Others said, “Paint me”.    Finally, I listened, moving towards and allowing freedom to the emotions that gave birth to the final image.  Whether, sad, contemplative, angry or frustrated they each speak volumes about how I was connected to the emotional element at the time I accepted each invitation – invitations that enabled them in either charcoal or oil.

Gratefully, when I was ready, in the same way that my mentors and life teachers were there for me, my work imparted precious wit and wisdom I will carry with me for a lifetime.

Under the Influence: DRAW and Their Mentors   Dyer Arts Center NITD/RIT  Rochester, New York